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Notorious Rockboy Gz Release New Single “Gz Up” Produced by Legendary D/R Period with Rockboy Records x Whatevaok x Sony Entertainment @RealRockboyGz @RockboyFlyTy

When it comes to music Rockboy Gz is pound for pound a knockout group.  When it comes to Hip Hop, Rockboy Gz is known across the U.S. as a powerful, and hardcore entity that spreads unity rolling deep with their “Gz Up”! Their latest single “Gz Up” is produced by legendary[…]

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J. Rawls–1998 (Instrumental Project)

“About 20 years ago….I was just starting out in this music game. This was the time that I was making 3-4 beats a day! Of course this was all before I had kids so I had nothing but time on my hands. I put it to good use! This summer,[…]

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Q-Unique Joins Timid to Question, “Who’s to Blame?”

The NYC-based world traveling emcee, Timid, connects with underground rap legend Q-Unique (Arsonists) for a lyrically rich, conversation-starting new single, “Who’s To Blame,” bolstered by Skammadix’s strings-heavy production. Those who have heard Timid’s previous work, including this year’s great “I Love You” single, already know how the New Yorker can[…]

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