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J. Rawls–1998 (Instrumental Project)

“About 20 years ago….I was just starting out in this music game. This was the time that I was making 3-4 beats a day! Of course this was all before I had kids so I had nothing but time on my hands. I put it to good use!

This summer, I was cleaning my studio and came across a DAT tape that I hadn’t played in years. I listened and on it was 20 of my beats that I had made during the first part of 1998. These beats were raw and crunchy. They were the ASR-10 at its finest and it felt good listening to them again! I remember that Jazzy Jeff said to die empty, meaning, let people hear all of your creations. So I thought, I would love for people to listen to some early J Rawls bangers.

If you are a J Rawls fan, then some of the beats you have undoubtedly heard before. You will hear some of the tracks that some of your favorite artists heard when they wrote to my beats. I can hear that hi hat that I created around that time. I think it’s on almost all of these beats LOL! If you are not then you will get a sense of that raw 90’s underground hip-hop flavor. Most of these are in song mode so I hope that we will hear these in freestyles and ciphers all over the world.

On January 1st, 2018, I will be releasing these 20 beats. The DAT you see on the cover is the actual DAT I got these from! Enjoy this peace of history!”

J. Rawls

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