Legendary Tazmania has been deep rooted in the music scene dating back to his teenage years. He can recall the late legend Easy-E bringing him to his very first concert which of MC Breed and DJ Quick.  Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, he was up rooted at age thirteen to Los Angeles where music forever changed his life. He signed his first record deal in 1992 and released hit after hit. As he enhanced his craft and progressed in his career, he had the opportunity to tour the globe with major artists Mike Jones, Beat Nuts, Dilated Peoples, Eve, and more. To date he holds a lengthy catalog of music and hasn’t stopped yet.

” I believe in the words that Guru once told me, “keep spitting because you are what they need”

MJ: Thank you for taking time away from creating music for this interview. Let’s take it back to your younger years.  Do you think your career would have taken a different direction if you and your family didn’t move to Los Angeles?

Taz: Thank you for having me, and yes, it definitely would have been different.  I wouldn’t have met the people that actually made me love Hip-Hop like Skoolz, who let me have my first speaking role on a song.  Also Yomo and Markel who are Ruthless Records artists and their album “Burn Old Glory”, and I can’t leave out my relationship with the Bell’s of New Edition or how the Kinky Boys helped me to be original in my approach when it comes to creating music.

MJ: Talk about that concert that Easy-E took you to. As a young by that must have been an adrenaline rush to experience.

Taz:  It was I was on top of the world! To see everything up close was life changing, even though DJ Quick thought we were Crips because we were in blue…but Eazy smoothed it over.

MJ: In 1992 you released your first project “Come Say Hi to The Bad Guy”.  It can be mind-blowing to look back at your very first single or project. What would you say to that young Taz?

Taz: I would say don’t be so full of yourself, work hard and party later.

MJ:  From that you started your own rap group and label, which became a staple for Cali Hip Hop, and opened up some major doors for you. Share some of that with us.

Taz: Yeah being part of a group was cool it give me a chance to see other point of views and to remain humble in the face of so many egos. It also gave me the opportunity to meet a wide range of artists such as Outcast, Luda, and others. It gives you a sense of professionalism you need to have to live up to.

MJ: You’ve shared the stage with a handful of major artists and key players in the industry.  What stands out the most from those experiences?

Taz: I would say my chance meeting with Jay-Z in Stockholm along with Mr. Hayes, may he rest in peace, he was like a mentor for a short time. Meeting Warren G and his uncle Ron G was also life changing when they saw me perform overseas and let me know I had worth in the music scene.

 MJ: Let’s bring fans up to speed now. You’ve released a lengthy catalog of music throughout recent years.  Talk about your style and flow and how as an artist you have progressed and evolved from each project.

Taz: I have always looked at this business as an ever-changing one, and as an artist you must evolve with the times.  My flow is one of a kind, and smoothed out with a conscious realism.  I am a product of my environment with a world-wide sense of my people and the habitat we live.  But sometimes I like to make light of those differences.

MJ: What’s hot right now with Taz? Talk about your latest single “Flash Flood”. Also give us some inside scoop on upcoming projects or collaborations.

Taz: Yeah it’s coming out later this month.  It was produced by Synthetic, who made a fire track about getting rich quick dreams we all have at some point. The rest you will have to wait until it’s released, can’t give it all away…My latest single “Vinus” is the sh*t! It’s a shout out to all women of the world and how in their grace and beauty have made me feel that there’s always an unspoken meaning to someone special.

MJ: When it comes to influences, whether it be musically or personally, who do you credit?

Taz: Wow that’s a hard one.  I actually try to stay away from anyone else’s style, but some think I’m similar to T.I. But I think there is no other to credit for my style.

MJ: As we wrap up is there anything else you want the world to know about Taz?

Taz: Yeah, no one will give a better live performance than Taz. Be on the lookout for my new album “Paper Cuts”, I promise I will do everything in my power to make it groundbreaking for my fans!

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The Long Beach wave has become undeniable over the past few years. Snoop Dogg originally put the City by the Beach while new sensations like Vince Staples and O.T. Genasis and now, continuing the lineage is fellow LBC-native Marcosus LeBlanc. Better known as the rising star recording artist Marcosus, the Snoop Dogg-protege is one of the West Coast’s most notable new up-and-coming recording artist with aggressive attitude and trendsetting versatile sound.

Marcosus’s style is packed with enough heaters to make it deserving of a listen, its sharp, enthusiastic, and convincing every time he raps. His catalog of music delivers a feel good West Coast vibe and escape from reality with his incredible story-telling. Marcosus has the ability to switch up his sound from hardcore to a soulful melodic crooning effortlessly.

Equip with a heavy arsenal of bars, Marcosus is equally as talented as a singer. The crooner has an incredible voice that many of Hip-Hop identify as incomparable. Able to achieve surreal high notes, vast range, and phenomenal tones. Not since T-Pain and Ty Dolla $ign has there been an artist with similar gifts to of a renowned performer.

Under Snoop’s tutelage, Marcosus has shared the stage with Hip-Hop’s legends including Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Too Short, Dogg Pound, and Twista. Opening for Snoop Dogg nightly on the “Gin & Juice” hitmaker’s successful Puff Puff Pass 2 Tour, impressing sold-out crowds every night on the nationwide spectacle. Officially receiving the stamp of approval to create his own imprint Young Doggstyle in 2016, from Snoop Dogg-himself,  Marcosus has been mentioned among today’s biggest stars like Kodak Black and Lil Uzi Vert throughout the popular mixtape circuit.

Released three critically acclaimed mixtapes thus far in his career, Marcosus’ body of work includes collaborations with T-Pain, Slim Jesus, Bobby Raps,  Ab-Soul, Arsonal, and 2Chainz. His Young DoggyStyle Compilation Fresh Prince of LBC vol 2 mixtape has been recognized as one of the hottest mixtapes of the summer by popular outlets Thisis50 and Datpiff. Ready to evolve into a marquee act, Marcosus has joined forces with legendary Bay Area artist Too Short for new single, “Smoke Too This”. Regarded as a soon-to-be smash hit, “Smoke Too This” is featured as Marcosus lead single for his forthcoming new album slated for a July 20th release via Young DoggyStyle Records. “Smoke Too This” will be Marcosus big break, set for a June 1st debut. The perfect jumping-in point for any newfound fan looking for new music for this West Coast hopeful.

 Listen to “Smoke Too This” below. 

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