Hip Hop recording artist and producer B Dvine releases visuals for his latest self-produced single titled “Nothing Personal”, available now on digital platforms.

The New York-based artist flows over a fusion of rendered 70’s soulful tones and striking bass. Lyrically, Dvine brings forth his A-game and flips his downfalls and setbacks to elevate his stance in the music industry, as well as his personal life.

The hungry emcee is in it to win it and bar for bar leaves no room for error and no room for competition. As Dvine tanks through naysayers and sideline rappers, he urges you to remember it’s ‘nothing personal’.

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B Dvine teams up with Ross May on Bars and Guitars while on the Full Blast Summer Tour 6 in Long Island NY.

YouTube Channel LOVELIVESERVE was created back in 2015 by founders Noah Taitano, aka Noah Boat, and Ryan Burton, aka Rhino.  To date the channel has grown to well over 2.4 million subscribers with loyal fans and viewers from around the world.

Noah, a Senior at Drexel University, invested early on in 2010 to master his craft as Social Media and YouTube Influencer. He began with a basic camcorder creating silly videos and pranks to engage people and make them laugh.  That passion and talent was the jump off of to his career.  To add to that, Noah’s unique and trendy sense of style roused an immediate fan base.

“Our mission with our channel LOVELIVESERVE is to produce relatable high quality skits, pranks, and parodies”

Noah stands as the director and editor for the channel, but works along-side his partner Rhino to create a variety of on-going entertaining material for viewers.  The chemistry between the two is flawless and in high demand!  In between creating content for the channel Noah and Rhino continue to appear at meet and greets, several Influencer Con’s and events, and signing off on major brand deals.

Following his college graduation Noah plans on gearing up full throttle into LOVELIVESERVE and planning a tour throughout the United States.

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Seasoned Hip Hop Artist from Reading, Pennsylvania U-nik Stylez  announces the release of his third installment of his “Classic” project. “Classic III” includes features from major Indie Artists Ren Thomas, King Magnetic, Recognize Ali, Illconscious, as well as others.   Stylez collaborated with all-inclusive production teams on top of self produced tracks to create this thorough and timeless project.

“I wanted to keep a similar vibe and work with artists and producers I’ve met along the way and also add a very personal track on the project.  “The record “Due Time” gives an explanation to fans on my 2-year hiatus from releasing new music.” 

“Classic III” is a reflection of Stylez growth and progression as an artist and was inspired from the major success of the first two installments.

“This time around I even added a little humor… a comedy skit mocking “Mumble Rap.” 

At 27 years of age Stylez continues to claim eminent accolades as other notable artists from tours to a worldwide fan base, major media and press, and ranking as a chart topper by both domestic and international DJ’s.

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Listen and download “Classic III” below.



John Jigg$ is no amateur or slouch when it comes to his musical and business grind. In a short period of time he went from paving the industry streets to flying overseas for his own personal European Tour.

What perfect timing and absolute brilliance to release “Grecian Numerals” while packing his tour luggage. The record highlights his skill set and confirms with confidence the uphill journey to the prime of his career.

Jigg$ is swift yet combative with his bars. He leaves no room for debate that he is the total package to win. “When I finish doing damage you can bandage this up“. Bar for bar he is knocking down the competition, “True to the game new to the lame shit“.

April 13th kicked off The European Tour of John Jigg$, and just like he established on the record he is taking it to the top!

Listen to “Grecian Numerals” below.

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